What is The Vapor Maker?
A revolutionary scent dispenser.  The Vapor Maker puts a wall of liquid
scent or scent killer in a vapor form between you and the animal
so there is no way he can smell you! Based on the
scientific principle of how
scent is deposited on a deers nose.
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"For God so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son, that whoever believes in
Him will not perish."      
John 3:16
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Top - Rex Holmes, Jr and the cinnamon bear he killed June 2013
at Sask Can Outfitters in Saskatchewan. He killed this bear the
last day of the hunt at about 17 yard.
Bottom -Rex and the Canadian black bear he killed June 2012.  
This was Rex's very first bear hunt, he was able to be part of a
group participating in the hunt with Taxis River Outfitters, New
Brunswick, CA. This bear was killed the first day of the hunt at
about 15 yards.
Rex used the same arrow to kill both bears, needless to say he is
looking forward to going back to Taxis River in 2014.
Rex Holmes, Jr., world's foremost scent authority

RIGHT- Watch as the deer comes in and licks the 33 Pt Buck
Cover and Attractant off the tree. Rex used The Vapor Maker to
spray the 33 Point Buck.  Deer and others animals just can't
resist because it is made from a food source they just love. Plus
it totallycovers human odor.

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Proving You Can Fool Mother Nature.
The Vapor Maker incorporates all the science of how a
deer smells into a dispersal system that imitates
Mother Nature.
The Vapor Maker - Making scents work!
The VTS Scent
Maker Kit
contains everything you need to
make your own scent. Now you can
make all natural scent, attract the
animals in your area and save money.
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33 Point Buck Cover and Attractant is an all
natural cover
and attractant.
The 33 Point Buck should
be refridgerated or stored
in a cool dark place.
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