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Vapor Trail ScentsSpray It and They Will Come


Understanding the principles of how scent is deposited on a deer’s nose, then how the deer intakes scent is the inspiration behind a revolutionary scent dispenser called The Vapor Maker. This pressurized pump unit has a special atomizing tip that mists the scent putting it in the air in the smallest particles possible-just like nature. It also contains a filter allowing any scent to be used in the unit. If You Spray It They Will Come is more than just our company motto. Invented by scent authority, Rex Holmes, Jr., The Vapor Maker uses any scent, scent killer or attractant - making it more effective and efficient. The Vapor Maker® is the only scent dispersal system on the market that gives you total control. . This way animals won't question the source. The Vapor Maker® gives hunters an advantage by providing a wall of protection between them and the animal.

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Spray It and They Will Come